The inspirational artists I adore

16 May 2018

English Accent Gifts Blog - The inspirational artists I a.
Influences in my early life, check them out you will love them and the view of life they had. Totally inspirational.

When I first worked in a photographic studio, I really had no idea of the path I was taking. My prime concern was answering the phone and making sure the petty cash was accounted for. But my eyes were opened by the many people I came across from the world of fashion and advertising, which after many conversations made me go away and try and find information on these people ( remembering we are talking no google) So through sheer enthusiasm I started to find all these wonderful photographers whose images stayed with me. The first was American  Paul Strand whose picture entitled Wall Street in b/w totally captivated me. From there followed Weegee who managed to find all the crime going on in New York and would be there to seize the moment with the most amazing and realistic images - a master of his time. Of course there were the Masters before this of people like Steiglitz and Steichen who revolutionised the black and white image in America The Americans seemed to have the edge for a time with people like Edward Curtis who captured the American Indians and the landscape in which they lived with a vibrancy no one had ever captured before, and Robert Capa, capturing war and its consequences with great passion
but we have our own amazing photographers such as Bert Hardy who worked on many projects for Picture Post from the 1940s to 1957, and for me his project in b/w of Chinese seaman in Liverpool which showed a darker side of life and the struggle to stay alive with dignity Please check out these people and their wonderful images from a past time. There are so many more image makers to talk about but that’s for next time  and as by discovering landscape photographers I began to know what I really wanted to do